SK Chen-Lun Jason Chang
Commander 2024-2025

Fraternal Greetings and
to Our Official Home Page
Meets: 2nd Monday
March, June, Sep, and Dec at 7:30 PM
Recorder: SK Elijah C. Mills *, REPGC
C (317) 519-9103

OFFICERS 2024-2025
Commander SK Generalissimo SK Chen-Lun Jason Change
Generalissimo SK B. Chris Ruli
Captain General SK Thomas W. Morrison,
Treasurer SK Gerald W. Peeters
Recorder SK Elijah C. Mills

Living Past Commanders
1991 William B. Craig
1998 Charles H. Nalls
1999 William M. Jackson
2001 Paul D. Gleason *
2002 Robert B. Malwitz
2003 Charles W. Wagner *
2005 Michael J. Kastle *
2008 George S. Nicol *
2009 Walter S. Benesch
2010 James W. Golladay, Jr. *
2012 David L. Buffaloe

2013 John H. Austin
2014 Thomas W. Morrison
2015 Robb C. Mitchell
2016 Solomon S. Jackson
2017 Mark A. Wright
2018 Elijah C. Mills
2020 Peter W. Brusoe
2021 Raymon W. Bacchus
2022 Douglas C. Rose, Jr.
2023 Basil N. Mossaidis
* Past Grand Commander