Fraternal Greetings and
Our Official Home Page
Pre-Eminent Governor
Pre-Em. Comp. Kt. James Arrindell

The Masonic Centre of Hamilton
4 Queen St. South (Queen & King Sts.)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

SECRETARY – Sir William College No.57
Secretary, Pre-Em Comp. Kt Tim Corrin
99 Tragina Ave South,
Hamilton, Ontario L8K 2Z4

Council Officers
Governor Pre-Em. Comp. Kt. James Arrindell
Deputy Governor Em. Comp. Kt. Brian Kiernan
Chancellor Em Comp. Kt Jeffrey Baker
Treasurer Pre-Em. Comp. Kt. Robert Todd
Secretary Pre-Em Comp. Kt. Tim Corrin
Treasurer Pre-Em. Comp. Kt. Robert Todd
Secretary Pre-Em Comp. Kt. Tim Corrin
Primate Noble Comp. Kt Craig Terreberry
Preceptor Noble Comp Kt Paul Maletta
Seneshal Noble Comp Kt Gary Magwood
Marshall Noble Comp. Kt. Paul Maletta
Sentinel Noble Comp Kt Gary Magwood
Herald Noble Comp Kt Charles Lemmex
Herald Noble Comp Kt Brock McCulloch
Herald Noble Comp Kt Alexander Mouriopoulos

1977/78 Dist Bro. William Barlow OPC *
1978/79 Dist Bro. James W. Curtis OPC *
1979/80 Pre-Em Comp.Kt William Maynard OPC *
1980/81 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Alfred Mellanby OPC *
1981/82 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Leslie RichardsonOPC *
1982/83 Dist Bro. James A. Shaw OPC *
1983/84 Dist Bro. Russel A. Brown OPC *
1984/85 Dist Bro. James R. Scott OPC *
1985/86 Pre-Em Comp.Kt A.W. Anderson *
1986/87 Dist Bro. Ernest J. Brown OPC *
1987/88 Dist Bro. D.J. McArthur OPC *
1988/89 R.Em.Dist. Bro. F.Douglas Draker OPC
1989/90 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Les G Kesmarki
1990/91 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Robert Loftus *
1991/92 Dist Bro. Herbert F. Steele OPC
1992/93 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Edgar G Burton *
1993/94 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Frank Rysanek *
1994/95 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Robert E. Todd @
1995/96 V.Em.Dist Bro. E.David Warren OPC
1996/97 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Thomas A Poolton *
1997/98 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Les Milewicz #
1998/99 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Aaron Orr *

1999/2000 Dist Bro. Donald Featherstone OPC
2000/2001 Dist Bro. James W Reid *
2001/2002 Dist Bro. T. Roy Binns OPC
2002/2003 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Douglas Fox *
2003/2004 Pre-Em Comp.Kt William A. Cowell
2004/2005 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Donald Winkworth *
2005/2006 Pre-Em Comp.Kt William Holcombe *
2006/2007 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Tim Corrin
2007/2008 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Roy Newton
2008/2009 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Thomas Kazias
2009/2010 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Bev Alexander
2010/2011 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Desmond Washer
2011/2012 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Dennis Hill &
2012/2013 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Auby Cox
2013/2014 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Michael Kingsley
2013/2014 Pre-Em Comp.Kt George A Napper #
2014/2015 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Les Yule
2015/2016 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Ron McClung
2016/2017 Pre-Em Comp.Kt Alex Duncan
2017/2018 Pre-Em. Comp. Kt. Ken Brisbois

@ Sovereign College Service Award
* Deceased # Suspended
& Demitted # (Edwin College)