It may be used by a Chapter ,Council or Commandery for:
a. Degrees (or Orders) and Membership
b. Affiliation
(by Dimit or Certificate of Good Standing. Attached hereto.
c. Reinstatement to Membership
It may be used to Petition anyone body, or combination of any two or three bodies, for any combination of purposes as named above.
No other Petition Form is required.


To the Petitlioner:
1. Use ink or typewriter and print all requested information except signature.
2. Have your “Recommendor” assist you In the completion of the form and determination of the required fees.
3. It is preferred, that all payments of fees be made by check with a separate check being prepared for each named body.

To the Recommendors
1. Be sure that the form is complete as to the Name of each Body, its fees and its dues.
2. Sign in the space provided. (Two signatures are required for each Body)
3. Sign only if YOU are a member of the named chapter, named Council, or named Commandery. If you are not a member of the named Body, you cannot sign as the Recommendor and should leave the signature space blank.
4. Lacking a signature of recommendation, the Principal Officer or Secretary (Recorder) may sign the Petition as the Recommendor for his specific Body named.
5. Secure the necessary fee (or fees) from the Petitioner. NOTE: At least1/3 of the total fee must be obtained for each Body. As many as three checks may be required.
Where the Petition is for Orders or for Reinstatement, the Annual Assessment for the Knights Templar Eye Foundation (presently $1.00) must also be included in the check. This item is not a part of a Commandery’s fees or dues.
6. Recommendor is to transmit this Petition (With check(s)attached) to the Secretary (Recorder) of the FIRST NAMED BODY to which Petition is directed.

To the Secretary or Recorder first receiving the Petition
1. Check information entered on Petition to insure its completeness and accuracy. Add missing information or correct as necessary.
2. Make (or have made) a Photocopy (Xerox or other) of the face of this Petition for EACH YORK RITE BODY to which this Petition is directed.(Other than your OWN).
3. Keep the ORIGINAL Petition and send the Photo Copy {with accompanying check) to the named Body (or Bodies). Balance of handling in the normal manner.
4. Complete the information you may require In the Right Hand Section of the form.

To the Secretary or Recorder receiving a Photo Copy of this Petition
1. Verify the completeness and accuracy of information provided.
2. Handle in the normal manner.
3, Record information in the space provided at the Right Hand Side as you may require.